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The Buckley and Bogey Cat Detective Capers

The first in the series is The Case of the Jewel Covered Cat Statues, and here's what what Buckley has to say about his big adventure . . ."Who knew that our first case with the Buckley and Bogey Cat Detective agency would be such a doozie? It all started when Bogey and I got a secretive email from a cat who said she was in danger. Of course, she didn't tell us who she was, or what kind of danger she was in. But she did say she'd be at the St. Gertrude Cat Show on the weekend. Then she signed her name mysteriously as P.A. Holy Mackeral!

Well, to tell you the truth, I wasn't exactly crazy about going to some cat show. But as a cat detective, I didn't have much choice! We had to help P.A., whoever she was! So off we went. As part of our cover, Bogey entered the Agility Competition and I got stuck in the Cutest Family Pet Competition. Yet little did we know, we were about to come face-to-face with a real, live Princess. One who even wore a diamond collar! Unfortunately, that meant we were also about to run into her very nasty owners, too. And let me tell you, it's a good thing that cats have nine live! Because one thing became very clear, very fast . . . P.A. was really in danger. And before long, so were we . . Holy Catnip!"


And the second book in the series, perfect for Christmas presents . . . The Case of the Crafty Christmas Crooks features a case that hits a little close to home, as far as the boys are concerned . . . since someone in St. Gertrude has been breaking into houses and stealing all the Christmas presents. Besides that, this is the first that Buckley has ever heard about Christmas, and he realizes there's more than one mystery to solve as he tries to learn the real meaning of the holiday . . . But Buckley and Bogey find it hard to enjoy the season, when it becomes clear that the Christmas Crooks are headed straight for their door! Holy Catnip!

Christmas Books

Buckley and Bogey's third adventure is The Case of the Jewel Covered Cat Statues is sort of a take on the Maltese Falcon, done Buckley and Bogey style. Complete with a mysterious package, jeweled statues and lots of shady characters, this is the boys most complicated case EVER. Whew . . . it certainly keeps Buckley and Bogey on their paws! Especially when the whole thing turns into a treasure hunt that teaches them a lot about the history of their town, St. Gertrude. But one thing's for sure, as complicated as this case is, it sure pays to have friends who can help out. Holy Catnip!

Jewel Mystery

And now . . . the new book is here! The new book is here! Yes, Buckley and Bogey's fourth adventure is now available! The Case of the Clever Secret Code starts out when famous movie star, Steele Bronson, makes an unexpected visit to St. Gertrude and makes a beeline for the antique store run by Buckley and Bogey’s Mom. Of course, the whole town goes into a tizzy, especially when Steele Bronson announces his plans to shoot his next movie at the St. Gertrude Library, housed in a historic four-story mansion. It all happens just as Gracie, the boys' human sister, is a finalist in the town's Fourth of July essay contest. Holy Catnip! But it isn't long before Buckley and Bogey realize there is something very wrong with the whole picture . . . including the one that Steele Bronson is filming . . . Holy Catnip!


Praise for The Case of the Cat Show Princess

Written by Derbygirl: My nine-year-old grandaughter really enjoyed this mystery, so much so that she took it everywhere with us until she got to the end. She says, "Buckley and Bogey were funny, sneaky, and always, at least, a little bit in trouble." She also appreciated the way the author, "kept the secrets about the Countess and P. A. so that the ending was still a surprise." She says she recommends it because, "it's funny,so if you like mysteries, if you like cats, or if you like mischief in your stories, this is the perfect book." She hopes "that the author does a second, and possibly a third book, because this is a good book."

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