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In case you wondered what the real, live Buckley and Bogey look like . . . the very cats who inspired the

Buckley and Bogey Cat Detective Series . . .Well, here they are!

And if you'd like to contact Buckley, the famous Maine Coon Cat who writes these books, (or his Mom, Cindy Vincent, who helps write his books), you can email him at!
Buckley always enjoys hearing from his fans.

Black Cats

Cat Friends

Here we have Buckley and Bogey on their cat towers during surveillance duties. Of course, any great cat detective knows it's easiest to see what's going on from high atop the towers. From the front, Buckley lies a little low and doesn't show his full size. But from the back . . . well, then you can see the difference. These pictures were taken when he was still a young cat. Bogey is full grown.

Maine Coon Cat and Regular Cat

The Princess . . . She wanted to be incognito in the book, so we turned her into a pure white cat instead . . . Sometimes a princess has just got to protect her real identity . . .


Their friend Ranger, an adventurer and all around great guy. Here he's looking for clues in a file cabinet. Isn't it amazing all the abillities cats can have?